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Storm Damage Testimonials

"Awesome staff. Thank you all!"

"Just wanted to say that so far, everyone I have met from SERVPRO has been awesome. Last night Brian and Jeff were great (very respectful of the fact that Kim needed to get to sleep so she could go to work today, efficient with what they were doing, explained things well, seemed to do a great job and got out of here at a reasonable time). You and Tommy are also super. You really seem to know what you are doing, and you explained it to me well enough that I have a flavor for it."

"We have been very impresses with the kindness, patience everyone has displayed with our many questions in our time of need. Our daughters were the first to meet Manuel, Bill and I were unable to come to Virginia, he had just come home from the hospital after having knee surgery.

And they were so impressed with Manuel and his staff. You truly have a great team. I am amazed at the details of your inventory example: jack Daniels 375 ml. Thank everyone for all your support."

"I have been calling them a few times a month just to check on them to make sure everything is going smoothly with their claim and today when I spoke with her she said that a woman by the name Amanda has been great and super helpful. She had nothing but great things to say about SERVPRO and her experience with you guys so I just wanted to say thanks so much for all that you guys have done for them!" We appreciate feedback from our agents

A score of straight 10s on the Certificate of Satisfaction which has 9 questions about service

Certificate of Stisfaction: 10 out of 10