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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Tree Damage in Williamsburg, VA

These before and after photos go to show you there might be more damage to a situation than what meets the eye. One night during a storm a tree fell and hit the... READ MORE

Fire Debris in Yorktown, VA

The house fire pictured here was a result of a lightening strike. There might be super small odds that you'll get struck by lightening but house fires started b... READ MORE

House Fire in Mechanicsville, VA

This house fire was cause by faulty electric wires in the home. Thankfully the homeowner was safe and not harmed by the fire. However the rest of her home was c... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Deltaville, VA

Pictures shown here are from storm damage in Deltaville Virginia where water damage was the result from the storm. Our SERVPRO professional technicians were on ... READ MORE

Church Attic in Montross, VA

The attic pictured here in Montross Virginia is from a church where the normal staff has no reason to regularly check on the attic. As a result of no one check ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Gloucester, VA

Pictured here is a fire damage in Gloucester, VA that took place when the homeowner’s son returned home from college over winter break. While the family w... READ MORE

Build Your Own Future

This is an example of what determination and drive can do for you. Pictured in the before photo is one of our owners, Joey Butler during the construction of his... READ MORE

Mold After a Hurricane

This office building was in the path of Hurricane Katrina when it made land fall back in 2005. Fortunately the building was still standing and structurally soun... READ MORE

Flooded Bank Office in Tappahannock, VA

This bank had a broken pipe that proceeded to flood their whole office in Tappahannock. The bank contacted their insurance company who then directed them to SE... READ MORE

Flooded Strip Mall

This set of photos is from Hurricane Katrina when one of the owners went and spent 6 months straight cleaning up after the storm. There was countless number of ... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater in King William, VA

During the water damage in the picture above the hot water heater had been leaking slowly over the course of water appeared to be several weeks until finally on... READ MORE

Brass Bed Frame in West Point, VA

This bed frame had great sentimental meaning to our homeowner. She was so concerned that her insurance company was going to have us discard her bed frame. Thoug... READ MORE

Lower Wall Cavity Removal in Williamsburg, VA

During the water damage pictured above in Williamsburg, VA the homeowner had a water leak in a bathroom two walls over. She did not think that there was any way... READ MORE

The Setup of Containment in Colonial Beach, VA

Containment of this size takes a while to set up but is invaluable when it comes to keeping the homeowners safe. At this particular job our SERVPRO Professional... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in Toano, VA

This ceiling was falling due to water damage when our crew arrived on site. Once our SERVPRO Professionals had arrived they quickly set to work removing the dan... READ MORE

Water Damage Demo in Williamsburg, VA

In water damages you can't always save the materials after that have been setting for multiple days. As pictured above the hotel had no idea that a couple of th... READ MORE

Flooded Hotel Room in Williamsburg, VA

Notice how little amount of water there looks to be in the before picture. This is very common, where the extent of the water damage does not meet the untrained... READ MORE

Commercial Basement in Williamsburg, VA

Over the summer a commercial building decided to try out new AC units that are normally used to heat and chill single rooms in residential homes. So that is whe... READ MORE

Flooded House Williamsburg, VA

When a water damage happens no one is ever expecting it to happen, especially the homeowners that owned the home above. These are before and after pictures of o... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Yorktown, VA

Here is what happens when you don't clean the duct system over time that pumps air thru your office or home. If you think about it the duct system where ever yo... READ MORE

Flooded Distribution Center in Williamsburg, VA

Pictured here is a flooded distribution center in Williamsburg, VA that our franchise was called out to in the late hours of the evening. You might how did this... READ MORE

Kitchen Cleaning in Richmond, VA

This kitchen pictured had gone years in the making building up grease and junk on every surface. In one night our SERVPRO franchise went with the goal of comple... READ MORE

Flooded House in West Point, VA

This house had a water damage on Christmas Eve of 2015. Every finishing in this house was built exactly the they the homeowners wanted. So when it came to the h... READ MORE

Whole House Mold Job in Kinsale, VA

The image shown above is from an upper level hallway where the home was left unattended for several months. The homeowner’s hadn’t thought once that... READ MORE